Founded in 1874 by the american doctor Andrew Taylor Still, osteopathy is an alternative medecine based on various principles:

  • The structure governs the FONCTION: Structural mobility and integrity must be restored to allow normal functionning of the articulations, organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc...    
  • the ability of the body to autoregulate: The body has an inherent ability to heal itself.  By removing major blocking, we let it recover this tendency. 
  • The role of the artery is absolute: by restoring mobility in a body section, we allow better circulation of the fluids.  these fluid carry oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the body cells, they also drain inflammation.
  • The body functions as a unit: Everything is connected and interdependant.

With various manual tests, the osteopath first wants to find the main mobility restrictions in the body.  then, he will restore mobility using manual techniques. It is sometimes necessary to intergrate exercice or change in lifestyle to help this change happen.

In Quebec, there is a ongoing process of PROFESSIONALIsATION of osteopathy by the Ordre des professions. Most of the insurance compagny refund the osteopathic treatments. I'm a member of the association Osteopathie Québec.